Saturday, June 23, 2018

Thali Chain Models

The relationship between a male and female in the context of marriage is a divine and unique one which is further graced by rich culture and traditions. The bride and groom exchange vows amid vedic hymns wearing premium category of wedding suite. Gifts, Elaborate jewellery adorning the bride from forehead to toe, meticulously planned food, decoration of marriage hall and other arrangements make the occasion an extravaganza.

The center point of attraction for the elders who partaking in the event is Mangalyam / Mangalsutra / Maangalyamu / Pustelu / Mangalasutramu / Thali Chain. The commonly used chains for matrimonial purposes are Cutting Kayar Gold Chain, Hollow Rope Gold Chain in case of South Indian marriages. The pendants that pair up with the mangalyam chain come in huge variety of designs that constitute the Thaali.

Nowadays, weddings are performed in a lavish manner, with orchestra and dance. Every religion or community has its own unique way of performing wedding rituals.In north India it is a common sight to see brides wearing black beaded chain for immunity against evil spirits. “Mangal” denotes holy and “Sutra” thread. During the wedding ceremony, the groom ties the mangalsutra around the neck of the bride. In Indian culture a mangalsutra is akin to wedding bands of western culture.

Some of the well known thali chain models in various regions of India are as below:

Kashmiri Thali Chain Design:
The Kashmiri Thali chain design is actually an earring made of yellow gold woven in a thread which is red in colour. This earring presented to the kashmiri bride, by her parents, is subject to a transformation at the time of stepping foot on her new house. A gold chain takes the place of the red thread. This chain, given by her in-laws, is called “Aath”.

Sindhi Gold Mangalsutra Design:
Black and Gold beaded chain is typical of Sindhi culture. The bride & groom are on a lookout for pendants with modern design.

Bihari Thali Kodi Design:
In this culture, married women wear a thirumangalyam chain referred to as Taagpaag. In addition, they may also wear toe rings called “bichwa”. Taagpaag is composed of black beaded chain with a suitable pendant.

Tamil Mangalsutra (Thaali Kodi)
Tamil culture is regarded one among the best of Indian cultures. The Thaali kodi chain is an integral part of the everyday attire of the married women.

Thaali chain for women come in many shapes and forms.When it comes to Thali chain models or Thali chain designs, religious pendants are always in high demand. They may bear Lord Shiva, Goddess Meenakshi, religious tilakas of Vaishnavite and Saivites. Demand for modern stylish pendants is also on the rise. Those who purchase Thaali can enhance the glow of the gold mangalsutra design by adding Gold coins, diamonds, gems to the main Thaali or on the sides.
When it comes to Christian Thali chain design, Holy cross is portrayed in as much of varied designs as possible. Muslim mangalyam includes Poosanthiram Mangalyam which may be beautified with crescent moon gold coins.

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