Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Choosing to wear a ring with stone

Most people who prefer to wear rings studded with precious stones or semi precious stones purchase one driven by belief in horoscopes. Let’s first be clear of the governing classification.The gemstones which are deemed to be precious include diamond, ruby, sapphire and emarald. All other navaratna stones will fall under the category of semi precious stones. The taxonomy of gems also includes yet another classification -i.e., Hot And Cold. Diamond, ruby and coral are categorized as hot gems whereas Topaz, Pearl, Gomed and Blue Sapphire are segregated as cold gems.

Apropos, Vedic astrology is based on the premise that invisible radiations from the remote planets reach every individual and based on the angle and magnitude with which they strike a person at the time of birth his destiny gets shaped.

When worn, a gemstone continues vibrating its power which is absorbed in the invisible chakras within an individual. The aura protects the wearer against external disturbances related to the karaka or lordship of the concerned planet in his horoscope . The energy pattern of a gem is said to have a worthwhile impact on one's emotional and physical energies, directing them in a constructive way.
Well, several renowned astrologers prescribe lucky stones for those whose horoscope features a weak planet or dosha. Life is no magic but these stones are considered to confer a positive impact on the wearer, gradually over a period of time. People primarily wear a gemstone for two reasons. To enhance the capability of a planet which is already well fortified in their horoscope or to alleviate the negative effects of planets which are unfavourably disposed by dint of placement, conjunction or malefic aspects. The practice of wearing precious gems dates back to the era of Mahabharata. A rare collection of invaluable precious stones adorned the crown of Prince Duryodhana after he coveted the treasures in Indraprastha through a gambling game.

Firstly a clear analysis of your horoscope by an experienced astrologer whom you trust is advisable. Ask him the purpose for which he recommends a rashi stone. Choose the gemstone accordingly and these precious stones are to be clad in a particular hand, in a specific finger too, based on the stone picked.

Once you decide to go for a lucky stone, choose the perfect metal to embed or fix it in and be aware of the right manner of wearing it. Usually gold and silver are the widely preferred metals to serve as a base to the precious or semiprecious stones.

Each gemstone is scientifically associated with a planet of the “navagraha” group. For example yellow sapphire has an auspicious association with the first order natural benefic planet Jupiter and is capable of tapping the radiations from this planet and converging the waves better than any other material for the benefit of the wearer. This is a kind of stone which every individual can give a try in his lifetime as it is very pleasant to gaze and carries with it the wisdom , benevolence and wealth associated with Jupiter.

Correct choice and proper use of gemstones can also foster good health and bring back peace and harmony in the family. There is also a word of caution from clairvoyants, to refrain from wearing inappropriate stones as dictated by the horoscopes.The lucky stones related with natural benefic planets like Jupiter, Venus etc are to be worn on the right hand and those related to natural malefics such as Sun, Mars, Saturn etc on the left hand.

As stated earlier every gem is associated with a specific planet in vedic astrology and as per this association Diamond (Heera) represents planet venus. Wearing a diamond ring will make the areas in life governed by planet venus(karaka of venus) strong. Accordingly the wearer is blessed with an affluent lifestyle, enhanced sexual power, revival of strained relations with opposite gender, better cure for skin and uterine diseases etc. At the time of purchase, get your queries clarified on the cleaning materials that can be used and the proper cleaning procedure as any precious or semiprecious gemstone handled gently will last forever as a valuable treasure both in your hands and in your minds.

While the religious belief of every community needs to be respected, wearing a ring with stone anticipating some benefits is a matter of personal belief and choice and it is practically impossible to produce any tangible evidence for the beneficial or curative effect of the stones. May the unique and pristine treasure of precious stones, exemplifying royalty, illuminate the way forward!!

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